Eastbourne Airport Taxis, part of B-Line Direct, operate the largest fleet of long-distance private hire cars and taxis in East Sussex, to all regional Airports, Seaports and International Rail Stations.

Eastbourne Airport Taxis — we provide long-distance, low-cost, luxurious private hire taxi services direct from Eastbourne and district to: Gatwick Airport, Heathrow Airport, Stansted Airport, Luton Airport, Southampton Airport and Seaport, Dover Seaport, Ashford, St. Pancras, Ebbsfleet and other major National Rail Stations.

Fancy a night out at Hove Greyhound Track, or a day trip to Wimbledon, Wembley or the O2 Arena in London? Eastbourne Airport Taxis can provide a fast reliable service from Eastbourne to Hove or London, direct from your door step, and collect you at any time of day or night.

One way or a return, you'll find our long-distance prices from Eastbourne and the surrounding district to anywhere, to be the best around.

Even shorter journeys can be undertaken through us. Fancy a day out, and want to arrive in style and comfort; or maybe treat someone to a special trip out, then we can whisk you there and back in one of our luxurious private hire cars.



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Our rates

Long distance taxi prices from Eastbourne

From Eastbourne To Gatwick £55.00
From Eastbourne To Heathrow £85.00
From Eastbourne To Southampton £110.00
From Eastbourne To London £105.00
From Eastbourne To Stansted £120.00
From Eastbourne To Luton £160.00
From Eastbourne To Brighton £35.00
From Eastbourne To Ashford £70.00
From Eastbourne To Ebbsfleet £90.00
From Eastbourne To Dover £85.00
From Eastbourne To Tilbury £90.00

Email: blinedirect@gmail.com

Text or call: (+44) 07474 292 369 or (+44) 07723 563 850

Long distance taxi prices from Battle

From Battle To Gatwick £65.00
From Battle To Heathrow £95.00
From Battle To Southampton £125.00
From Battle To London £95.00
From Battle To Stansted £120.00
From Battle To Luton £160.00
From Battle To Brighton £50.00
From Battle To Ashford £65.00
From Battle To Ebbsfleet £80.00
From Battle To Dover £80.00
From Battle To Tilbury £90.00

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Text or call: (+44) 07474 292 369 or (+44) 07723 563 850

Long distance taxi prices from Hailsham

From Hailsham To Gatwick £55.00
From Hailsham To Heathrow £85.00
From Hailsham To Southampton £110.00
From Hailsham To London £105.00
From Hailsham To Stansted £120.00
From Hailsham To Luton £160.00
From Hailsham To Brighton £35.00
From Hailsham To Ashford £70.00
From Hailsham To Ebbsfleet £90.00
From Hailsham To Dover £85.00
From Hailsham To Tilbury £90.00

Email: blinedirect@gmail.com

Text or call: (+44) 07474 292 369 or (+44) 07723 563 850

Long distance taxi prices from Hastings

From Hastings To Gatwick £65.00
From Hastings To Heathrow £95.00
From Hastings To Southampton £120.00
From Hastings To London £95.00
From Hastings To Stansted £120.00
From Hastings To Luton £160.00
From Hastings To Brighton £50.00
From Hastings To Ashford £65.00
From Hastings To Ebbsfleet £80.00
From Hastings To Dover £75.00
From Hastings To Tilbury £90.00

Email: blinedirect@gmail.com

Text or call: (+44) 07474 292 369 or (+44) 07723 563 850

Long distance taxi prices from Polegate

From Polegate To Gatwick £55.00
From Polegate To Heathrow £85.00
From Polegate To Southampton £110.00
From Polegate To London £105.00
From Polegate To Stansted £120.00
From Polegate To Luton £160.00
From Polegate To Brighton £35.00
From Polegate To Ashford £70.00
From Polegate To Ebbsfleet £90.00
From Polegate To Dover £85.00
From Polegate To Tilbury £90.00

Email: blinedirect@gmail.com

Text or call: (+44) 07474 292 369 or (+44) 07723 563 850

Long distance taxi prices from Seaford

From Seaford To Gatwick £55.00
From Seaford To Heathrow £85.00
From Seaford To Southampton £110.00
From Seaford To London £105.00
From Seaford To Stansted £120.00
From Seaford To Luton £160.00
From Seaford To Brighton £35.00
From Seaford To Ashford £70.00
From Seaford To Ebbsfleet £90.00
From Seaford To Dover £85.00
From Seaford To Tilbury £95.00

Email: blinedirect@gmail.com

Text or call: (+44) 07474 292 369 or (+44) 07723 563 850

Long distance taxi prices from St leonards

From St Leonards To Gatwick £65.00
From St Leonards To Heathrow £95.00
From St Leonards To Southampton £120.00
From St Leonards To London £95.00
From St Leonards To Stansted £120.00
From St Leonards To Luton £160.00
From St Leonards To Brighton £50.00
From St Leonards To Ashford £65.00
From St Leonards To Ebbsfleet £80.00
From St Leonards To Dover £75.00
From St Leonards To Tilbury £90.00

Email: blinedirect@gmail.com

Text or call: (+44) 07474 292 369 or (+44) 07723 563 850

Long distance taxi prices from Bexhill

From Bexhill To Gatwick £65.00
From Bexhill To Heathrow £95.00
From Bexhill To Southampton £125.00
From Bexhill To London £95.00
From Bexhill To Stansted £120.00
From Bexhill To Luton £160.00
From Bexhill To Brighton £50.00
From Bexhill To Ashford £65.00
From Bexhill To Ebbsfleet £80.00
From Bexhill To Dover £80.00
From Bexhill To Tilbury £95.00

Email: blinedirect@gmail.com

Text or call: (+44) 07474 292 369 or (+44) 07723 563 850

We have private hire taxi drivers based in Eastbourne, ready and waiting to take you from Eastbourne to all the major, airports, sea ports, shopping centres and tourist destinations in and around the south east and London :-

Eastbourne to Gatwick Airport by private hire, taxi or mini cab

Gatwick Airport (also known as London Gatwick) (IATA: LGW, ICAO: EGKK) is a major international airport in south-east England, 29.5 miles (47.5 km) south of Central London and 2.7 nautical miles (5.0 km; 3.1 mi) north of Crawley. It is the second-busiest airport by total passenger traffic in the United Kingdom, after London Heathrow. Gatwick is the eighth-busiest airport in Europe.

Gatwick opened as an aerodrome in the late 1920s, and has been in use for commercial flights since 1933. The airport has two terminals, the North Terminal and the South Terminal, which cover areas of 98,000 m2 (1,050,000 sq ft) and 160,000 m2 (1,700,000 sq ft) respectively. It operates as a single-runway airport, using a main runway with a length of 3,316 m (10,879 ft). A secondary runway is available but, due to its proximity to the main runway, can only be used if that is out of use. In 2016, 43.1 million passengers passed through the airport, a 7.1% increase compared with 2015.

Eastbourne to Heathrow Airport by private hire, taxi or mini cab

Heathrow Airport (IATA: LHR, ICAO: EGLL) is a major international airport in London, United Kingdom. Heathrow is the third busiest airport in the world by international passenger traffic (surpassed by Dubai International in 2014, and Hong Kong International in 2016), as well as the busiest airport in Europe by passenger traffic, and the sixth busiest airport in the world by total passenger traffic. In 2016, it handled a record 75.7 million passengers, a 1.0% increase from 2015.

Heathrow lies 14 miles (23 km) west of Central London, and has two parallel east–west runways along with four operational terminals on a site that covers 12.27 square kilometres (4.74 sq mi). The airport is owned and operated by Heathrow Airport Holdings, which itself is owned by FGP TopCo Limited, an international consortium led by Ferrovial that also includes Qatar Holding LLC, Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, Government of Singapore Investment Corporation, Alinda Capital Partners, China Investment Corporation and Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS). London Heathrow is the primary hub for British Airways and the primary operating base for Virgin Atlantic.

Eastbourne to Stansted Airport by private hire, taxi or mini cab

London Stansted Airport (IATA: STN, ICAO: EGSS) is an international airport located at Stansted Mountfitchet in the local government district of Uttlesford in Essex, 30 mi (48 km) northeast of Central London and 0.9 mi (1.4 km) from the Hertfordshire border.

London Stansted currently serves over 170 destinations across Europe, North Africa, Central and North America and more scheduled European destinations than any other airport in the UK. Stansted is a base for a number of major European low-cost carriers, being the largest base for low-cost airline Ryanair, with over 130 destinations served by the airline. In 2015 it was the fourth busiest airport in the United Kingdom after Heathrow, Gatwick and Manchester. Stansted's runway is also used by private companies such as the Harrods Aviation and XJet terminals which are private ground handlers who are able to handle private flights, charter flights and state visits.

The airport is owned and operated by the Manchester Airports Group (MAG), which also owns and operates three other UK airports. MAG agreed to buy the airport from Heathrow Airport Holdings, formerly BAA, on 18 January 2013, and the sale was completed for £1.5 billion on 28 February 2013. BAA had been required to sell the airport following a ruling originally made by the Competition Commission in March 2009. In 2016 Stansted handled a record 24.3 million passengers.

Eastbourne to Southampton Seaport by private hire, taxi or mini cab

The Port of Southampton is a passenger and cargo port located in the central part of the south coast of England. The modern era in the history of the Port of Southampton began when the first dock was inaugurated in 1843. The port has been owned and operated by Associated British Ports since 1982, and is the busiest cruise terminal and second largest container port in the UK.

The port is located ten miles (16 km) inland, between the confluence of the rivers Test and Itchen and the head of the mile-wide drowned valley known as Southampton Water. The mouth of the inlet is protected from the effects of foul weather by the mass of the Isle of Wight, which gives the port a sheltered location. Additional advantages include a densely populated hinterland and close proximity to London, and excellent rail and road links to the rest of Britain which bypass the congestion of London.

Eastbourne to Dover Seaport by private hire, taxi or mini cab

The Port of Dover is the cross-channel port situated in Dover, Kent, south-east England. It is the nearest English port to France, at just 34 kilometres (21 mi) away, and is the world's busiest passenger port, with 16 million travellers, 2.1 million lorries, 2.8 million cars and motorcycles and 86,000 coaches passing through it each year, with an annual turnover of £58.5 million a year.

The port has been owned and operated by the Dover Harbour Board, a statutory corporation, since it was formed by Royal Charter in 1606 by King James I. Most of the board members are appointees of the Department for Transport. The port has its own private police force, the Port of Dover Police.

Eastbourne to Ashford by private hire, taxi or mini cab

Ashford is a town in the county of Kent, England. It lies on the River Great Stour at the south edge of the North Downs, about 61 miles (98 km) southeast of central London and 15.3 miles (24.6 km) northwest of Folkestone by road. In the 2011 census, it had a population of 74,204. The name comes from the Old English æscet, indicating a ford near a clump of ash trees. It has been a market town since the 13th century, and a regular market continues to be held.

Ashford has been a communications hub and has stood at the centre of five railway lines since the 19th century. The arrival of the railways became a source of employment and contributed to the town's growth. With the opening of the international passenger station it is now a European communications centre, with new lines running between London and the Channel Tunnel (via High Speed 1). The M20 motorway also links Ashford to those two destinations for road traffic.

Eastbourne to Brighton by private hire, taxi or mini cab

Brighton is a seaside resort on the south coast of England. It is part of the ceremonial county of East Sussex, within the historic county of Sussex.

Archaeological evidence of settlement in the area dates back to the Bronze Age, Roman and Anglo-Saxon periods. The ancient settlement of "Brighthelmstone" was documented in the Domesday Book (1086). The town's importance grew in the Middle Ages as the Old Town developed, but it languished in the early modern period, affected by foreign attacks, storms, a suffering economy and a declining population. Brighton began to attract more visitors following improved road transport to London and becoming a boarding point for boats travelling to France. The town also developed in popularity as a health resort for sea bathing as a purported cure for illnesses.

In the Georgian era, Brighton developed as a fashionable seaside resort, encouraged by the patronage of the Prince Regent, later King George IV, who spent much time in the town and constructed the Royal Pavilion in the Regency era. Brighton continued to grow as a major centre of tourism following the arrival of the railways in 1841, becoming a popular destination for day-trippers from London. Many of the major attractions were built in the Victorian era, including the Grand Hotel, the West Pier, and the Brighton Palace Pier. The town continued to grow into the 20th century, expanding to incorporate more areas into the town's boundaries before joining the town of Hove to form the unitary authority of Brighton and Hove in 1997, which was granted city status in 2000.

Eastbourne to Luton Airport by private hire, taxi or mini cab

London Luton Airport (IATA: LTN, ICAO: EGGW), previously called Luton International Airport, is an international airport located 1.5 nautical miles (2.8 km; 1.7 mi) east of the town centre in the Borough of Luton in Bedfordshire, England, and is 25.22 NM (46.71 km; 29.02 mi) north of Central London.

In 2016, over 14.6 million passengers passed through the airport, a record total for Luton making it the fifth busiest airport in the UK. It is the fourth-largest airport serving the London area after Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted, and is one of London's six international airports along with London City and Southend. The airport serves as a base for EasyJet, Monarch, Thomson Airways, Ryanair and Wizz Air. The vast majority of the routes served are within Europe, although there are some charter and scheduled routes to destinations in Northern Africa and Asia.

Eastbourne to Ebbsfleet by private hire, taxi or mini cab

Ebbsfleet International railway station is a railway station in Ebbsfleet Valley, in the Borough of Dartford, Kent, 10 miles (16 kilometres) outside the eastern boundary of Greater London, England. It is near Dartford and the Bluewater shopping centre to the west and Gravesend to the east. The station is part of the Thames Gateway urban regeneration, a project of national priority. It stands on the High Speed 1 rail line, around 400 metres (440 yards) south-west of Northfleet railway station and the Stonebridge Road area of Northfleet. The station lies off the A2 trunk road, about 5 mi (8 km) from its junction with the M25 motorway. During the London 2012 Olympics, it served as a primary park-and-rail service as it is very close to the M25 motorway, allowing easy access for over 10 million commuters.

Ebbsfleet International is owned by HS1 Ltd, which acquired a 30-year concession to own and operate the High Speed 1 railway and the stations: St Pancras International, Stratford International, Ebbsfleet International and Ashford International.

Eastbourne to London by private hire, taxi or mini cab

London is the capital and most populous city of England and the United Kingdom. Standing on the River Thames in the south east of the island of Great Britain, London has been a major settlement for two millennia. It was founded by the Romans, who named it Londinium. London's ancient core, the City of London, largely retains its 1.12-square-mile (2.9 km2) medieval boundaries. Since at least the 19th century, "London" has also referred to the metropolis around this core, historically split between Middlesex, Essex, Surrey, Kent, and Hertfordshire, which today largely makes up Greater London, governed by the Mayor of London and the London Assembly.

London is a leading global city in the arts, commerce, education, entertainment, fashion, finance, healthcare, media, professional services, research and development, tourism, and transportation It is crowned as the world's largest financial centre and has the fifth- or sixth-largest metropolitan area GDP in the world. London is a world cultural capital.It is the world's most-visited city as measured by international arrivals and has the world's largest city airport system measured by passenger traffic. London is the world's leading investment destination, hosting more international retailers and ultra high-net-worth individuals than any other city. London's universities form the largest concentration of higher education institutes in Europe. In 2012, London became the first city to have hosted the modern Summer Olympic Games three times.

Eastbourne to Lakeside Shopping Centre by private hire, taxi or mini cab

Lakeside Shopping Centre, branded as Intu Lakeside, is a large out-of-town shopping centre located in West Thurrock, in the borough of Thurrock, Essex just beyond the eastern boundary of Greater London. It was constructed on the site of a former chalk quarry. The first tenants moved into the complex in 1988 and it was completed in 1990, being opened on 25 October of that year by Princess Alexandra, The Honourable Lady Ogilvy, Marcus Bradford and Angus Ogilvy.

The shopping centre, in addition to the retail parks, forms one of the largest shopping areas in a single location within Europe, with almost 2,600,000 square feet (240,000 m2) of retail space on a site of 200 acres (0.81 km2). The community of Chafford Hundred has grown to the east of the centre since its opening. Its main rival is the Bluewater Shopping Centre in Greenhithe, Kent, just across the River Thames.

The centre was rebranded as "intu Lakeside" in 2013 following the renaming of parent Capital Shopping Centres Group plc as "intu properties plc".

Eastbourne to Bluewater Shopping Centre by private hire, taxi or mini cab

Bluewater Shopping Centre (commonly referred to as Bluewater) is an out-of-town shopping centre in Stone (postally Greenhithe), Kent, England, outside the M25 Orbital motorway, 17.8 miles (28.6 km) east south-east of London's centre. Opened on 16 March 1999 in a former chalk quarry after three years of building, the site including car parks occupies 240 acres (97 ha) and has a sales floor area of 154,000 m2 (1,600,000 ft2) over two levels, making it the fourth-largest shopping centre in the UK (after the MetroCentre, Trafford Centre and Westfield Stratford City). Elsewhere in Europe only Istanbul's Cevahir Mall and Vienna's (Vösendorf) Shopping City Süd are bigger. The floor plan is a triangular shape with 330 stores, including 3 anchors, 40 cafés and restaurants, and a 13-screen cinema. The centre employs 7,000 people and serves over 27 million visitors a year. A main rival is the Lakeside Shopping Centre and its two retail parks by road 8 miles (13 km) away in West Thurrock, Essex, just across the River Thames or 3.2 miles (5.1 km) point-to-point.

It is owned by four major UK institutions, Prudential plc and PRUPIM (35%), Land Securities (30%), the Lend Lease Retail Partnership (25%) and Hermes (10%).

Eastbourne to Hove Dogs by private hire, taxi or mini cab

Brighton & Hove Greyhound Stadium is a greyhound racing track located in the Hove Park area of the city of Brighton and Hove, East Sussex. The stadium also has a restaurant and a number of bars and is owned by the Gala Coral Group.


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